PowerApps ♥ SharePoint: SharePoint Choice Columns

In my previous post I whinged about PowerApps not supporting Choice columns. Well after much pain and frustration I’ve found that this is, in fact, not true.

PowerApps does support choice columns – the developers however failed to set the default view of the dropdown to the column value but rather the odata type.

Should you need to add SharePoint choice columns  to your PoerApps form, follow these steps:

1. Add the Choice Column
2. Click into the Data Card
3. Unlock the properties


4. Set Value1 property to Value.


PowerApps ♥ SharePoint?

In 2015 Microsoft launched PowerApps and it was moved from preview to public availability at the end of October 2016. To organisations, developers and consultants alike the product promised so much….

This post is going to focus specifically on PowerApps for SharePoint and what’s not supported by the framework at this stage.

Let me start with the statement in the Release AnnouncementPowerApps ♥ SharePoint: fully integrated with SharePoint lists“. “Fully integrated” would lead us to assume that we can take existing custom SharePoint lists and easily create mobile forms wrapped in a PowerApp. Wrong.

During my short exposure to PowerApps I’ve found he following key features are missing from the SharePoint integration (I will no doubt add to this list as I dig deeper):

  1. Choice Columns – not supported *Update on this here
  2. List Attachments – not supported
  3. Managed Metadata Columns – not supported
  4. SharePoint Calendar – not supported

What’s worse is I have yet to be able to find a software boundaries and limitations or a roadmap online suggesting a lack of transaparancy on the part of Microsoft (unless anyone else can provide a link?).

Please comment and share any other limitations and/or frustrations you’ve had in your PowerApps travels so far.