The importance of Analytics

​The last few weeks I’ve been on site with a client architecting search for their 130, 000 seat global intranet.

The client has a GSA implemented (Google Search Appliance) and (fortunately) uses Google Analytics extensively.

The anlytics provded have proven to be a god send! 

For one, Top search terms have assisted in determining what promoted links as well as identifying a few more result sources outside of the content types identified during IA definition. 

The analytics further illustrated trends by region/location and gave us an indication of how staff members tend to search allowing us to tailor SharePoint search (with little configuration) to their needs.

When implementing SharePoint solutions I urge you to implement analytic, not only for use for future upgrades but to continually improve on your service offering, business can use the analytics to continuously fine-tune the live solution. 

To me the industry leader in analytics is Webtrends but I have recently seen Bing analytics​ becoming more popular as well

Over the next few weeks I plan on posting short blogs giving an overview of common search topics such as;

> Authoritative Pages
> Result Sources
> Query Rules

Where possible I’ll provide some sample PowerShell I have used to automate addition of Promoted Links​​​ and Result Sources ​reducing the admin overhead of performing these tasks.